Smokey the Bear Celebrates 70 years in Fire Prevention #SmokeyBday

It is summer. Currently, as I write this post, there is atleast one fire burning wildly in the state of California. I love the state of California and am always open to helping prevent problems that might effect the state negatively. Did you know Smokey the Bear is turning 70 this week. That is 70 years of encouraging fire safety and personal activation on how every individual can do their part in preventing forest fires.

When it comes to fires most of us have no intention of setting in motion the forces which could burn hundreds of homes, millions of acres of forest. Just one spark can affect thousands of lives. It is a sobering fact that each year we learn devastating wildfires are caused by careless behavior that could be prevented.

Facts of fires in the US can be hard to hear. In 2011, there were 10,249 wildfires caused by lightning, but 63,877 wildfires caused by human error (as reported to the National Interagency Fire Center). That is a big deal and a big difference in numbers. In that same year more than 8.7 million acres burned due to wildfires in the U.S. More than half of that, 5.4 million acres, burned due to human-caused wildfires.

It is more than a campfire that could start a wildfire. Common ways can unintentionally start a wildfire. Unattended debris burning, poorly maintained
equipment fires such as from lawnmowers, ATVs, power equipment, smoking, fireworks and even carelessly discarding fireplace or BBQ ashes can be a cause to human cause flames running wild.

Join us as we share more fire tips on twitter tomorrow as we celebrate 70 years of fire prevention with Smokey the Bear.


Smokey Bear is celebrating his 70th Birthday! We are throwing him a twitter party to help raise awareness about fire safety.

You can celebrate with us 70 Years of Fire Prevention

This Wednesday from 2-3pm EST on Twitter
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