Sponsor Spotlight: Jesika Miller of Bargain Baby Goods

Name: Jesika Miller
Business Name: Bargain Baby Goods
Email: bargainbabygoods@gmail.com
Website: www.BargainBabyGoods.com
Connect with Bargain Baby Goods via: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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How would you describe yourself?
I am honest loyal and hardworking. My joy comes from helping others

When did you start your business?
March 2015

Why did you choose to start your particular business?
I feel that there is a need for a mommy2mommy type craiglist for items. A place for moms to feel safe selling to other moms in their area.

What keeps you motivated?
Knowing that I have to pay for school tuition!

Tell us a little about your family.
I have a 29 month old and a 10 month old. I would love to have a third soon!

How do you prioritize family and your business?
I sacrifice my beauty sleep .

How do you relax?
I don’t, but if I could it would be by a pool. I love water whether it be a beach or the pool.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself more relaxed

Biggest life lesson learned?
Nothing is forever and we have the power to change our circumstances if you want to bad enough.

What is your secret to success?
Keeping moving forward.

All Entrepreneurs encounter bad days. How do you handle yours?
Have gratitude. Many people would love to have my same problems.

What was your sweetest success story?
Making a huge sale. I knew in my heart and soul I could do it and eventually it came true.

If you received the same offer from each of the shark investors on Shark Tank, who would you choose to work with and why?
I like Damon. I think he is the smartest and has the most to offer.

Are you a blogger?

What brought you to California Mom Bloggers?
Facebook to promote my business.

How would you like our bloggers help you grow your business?
Help me get the word out there about my site.

Share your favorite quote or inspirational thought:
Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.
John Wesley

Do you send out a monthly newsletter? How can we get on your mailing list if we are interested in more information?
Not yet! soon


Pay It Forward Day USA is Coming April 30!

This weekend I went to an Origami Owl #popuptour in Anaheim where I learned that Origami Owl’s very own Coach Dar was selected as the US Ambassador for Global Pay It Forward Day.


Thursday, April 30, is Global Pay It Forward Day. Founded by Australian Blake Beattie in 2007, Pay It Forward Day is used to remind the world that giving and caring individuals can make the world community a brighter place. While this is just one day, the idea of “Pay It Forward” is one we should strive to embody every day.

As Global Pay It Forward Day has grown, so has the friendly competition between the 70 nations involved. Pay It Forward USA needs your help. This year, they are looking to inspire over 5 million good deeds in the USA alone.

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Help make this year’s day the best ever and Pay It Forward by participating in the “Tag, your give” campaign.

On April 30, we’re playing the world’s kindest game of tag.
How to play “Tag, your give”:

  • Do a good deed for someone else.
  • Share @pifdayusa about it on social media.
  • Use #tagyourgive to challenge others and get them to Pay It Forward as well.

Our goal is five million acts of random kindness. Are you in?!

Click here now for all the details (including a great media kit to download and share with everyone you know) and start thinking about all those wonderful ways you can pay it forward.